WWW2005 Meal Coupon Guide

You have meal coupon in the amount of 1,000 Yen, consisting three 250 Yen, two 100 Yen, and one 50 Yen. Coupons can be used in shaded areas of the map below, also shown at back of coupon.


  • You cannot use coupons at McDonalds.
  • Restaurants inside Makuhari Messe (conference hall) are closed.
  • Change is not made when only coupons used. Pay with cash if insufficient.
  1. Kaihin Makuhari Station Bldg
  2. Makuhari Techno Garden
  3. Messe Amuse Mall
  4. Pal-Plaza Makuhari
  5. Hotel Springs Makuhari
  6. Garden Walk Makuhari
  7. Hotel Green Tower Makuhari
  8. Hotel Francs
  9. Hotel Manhattan
  10. Hotel New Otani Makuhari
  11. Makuhari Prince Hotel
  12. Plena Makuhari
  13. World Business Garden
  14. Makuhari Messe (restaurants closed)
Meal Coupon Restaurants